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Welcome to Comp-XM
Your Registration Number
If your instructor or school did not give you a Registration Number, you will need to register online using a credit card or checking account. Welcome to Comp-XM® an integrated evaluation tool that will allow , you to demonstrate your business skills. Comp-XM has two sections: 1. A business simulation similar to the one you just completed and 2. A series of quizzes, called Board Queries, that ask questions related to your simulation environment.

The Simulation
Round 1

Board Queries
Board Queries are web-based quizzes that relate directly to the results of your simulation. As CEO, you will report to the Board of Directors. The Board FRXOG DVN XS WR ÀYH VHWV RI TXHVWLRQV %RDUG 4XHULHV that are based on the results of your previous rounds. )RU H[DPSOH WKH ERDUG PLJKW UHTXLUH \RX WR FRQGXFW a break-even analysis on an increase in production automation or calculate the effect additional ERUURZLQJ ZLOO KDYH RQ \RXU ÀQDQFLDO UDWLRV 7KH questions use standard true-false, multiple choice and essay formats. All the information needed to answer the queries appears within the pages of The Comp-XM Inquirer, an industry newsletter similar to The Capstone® &RXULHU RU 7KH )RXQGDWLRQ® )DVW7UDFN ,Q &RPS;0 you work as an individual, which means all success will be attributed to your efforts. This is your chance to show your strategic vision, tactical abilities and business knowledge. Best of luck!

You are the CEO of a new company, the Andrews Corporation. You will make four sets of decisions. Your competition, Baldwin, Chester and Digby, are run by computers. 7KH FRPSXWHUV FUHDWH D OHYHO SOD\LQJ ÀHOG ² all participants go up against a standard set of competitors. As with your previous...

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... 4 Days --- C 6 Days --- D 2 Days A, B E 1 Days C F 3 Days D G 3 Days E, F H 7 Days D I 10 Days G a. For the above information, draw an AIB diagram. [pic] Slack or Float = LF – EF or LST – EST Activities on the critical path have zero slack/float. b. What is the Scheduled Completion of the Project? 22 Days c. What is the Critical Path of the Project? B-D-F-G-I d. What is the EST for Activity D? Day 4 e. What is the LST for Activity G? Day 9 f. What is the EF for Activity B? Day 4 g. What is the LF for Activity H? Day 22 h. What is the float for Activity I? 0 Days Problem 2 The following data were obtained from a project to build a pressure vessel: Activity Duration Predecessors A 4 weeks --- B 4 weeks --- C 3 weeks B D 2 weeks A, C E 3 weeks B F 5 weeks D, E, G G 2 weeks B H 6 weeks F I 3 weeks G J 1 week I a. Construct a network for the project. [pic] Slack or Float = LF – EF or LST – EST Activities on the critical path have zero slack/float. b. Calculate the scheduled completion time and identify the critical path. Scheduled completion time = 20 weeks Critical Path = B, C, D, F, H c. What is the slack time (float) for activities A, D, E, and G? A=3 weeks D=0 weeks E=2 weeks G=3 weeks Problem 3 The following data were obtained from a project to design a new software......

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