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Slang and the Internet Dialect

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The way people talk is influenced by where they live and how the people in their environment talk. That is why there are dialect areas in America. But within a dialect area, not all people talk the same because they are also influenced by other factors. For instance a speakers gender, age, ethnicity and social and educational background. These factors can have a small impact on a persons speech. It can change the frequency of the use of regional dialect features. Some features are used more by older people than by younger people. And for example, the absence of “r” in words can be influenced by status and it means something different in every region. In Charleston, the high-status groups use the absence of “r” in words more frequently than the working-class or low-status groups. But at the same time in New York City, the r-lessness is associated with working-class and low-status groups. There can be a bigger impact when you pick up all distinct features of the speech of the people you identify yourself with and of the people that are like you. This is when varieties of speech associated with particular groups within a society arise. Linguists call these varieties “social dialects” and they are also known as “sociolects”. When looking at regional dialects linguists look at where you are located when you use certain dialect features, but when looking at social dialects linguists look at who you are and what social groups you are a part of. Social dialects are spread accross the country because nowadays people easily come in contact with people from all over the world. Poverty, class distinction and racisme can cause groups to remain socially isolated from others. This gave rise to one of the biggest social dialects in the united states called Black English(ebonics)/African American. Also important and widely spread are the social dialects : Slang and The Internet...

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