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Slavery Argumentative Analysis

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The word "slave" never appears in the Constitution directly. However, slavery is mentioned and protected in the document, even though the term is never specifically used. The infamous three-fifths clause counted 0.6% of the slave population in allocating representation, which granted the South extra representation in the house. The Constitution also forbade Congress from condemning the Atlantic slave trade. Additionally, the Constitution granted the federal government the power to quell any local uprisings, which could, of course, include violent slave rebellions. If Northerners demanded the removal of any mention of slavery from the US Constitution, the South would only act negatively and the entire situation would be detrimental to the building …show more content…
For example, Southern colonies may not join the new union. Back then, a main source of the South’s earnings was from cash crops produced through slavery. If the South saw that any mention of slavery was removed from the constitution, they could be led to believe that their institution may not be “right”, or even lost. Essentially, they would lose the protection of their practices in slavery. This would lead to disagreements and quarrels at the federal, state, and local level. It’s the question of economic benefit versus moral acceptability.
The demand for the removal of the mentioning of slavery in the Constitution would most likely alter history itself. The Civil War originated from the debate over the future of slavery. Any indication of slavery not being protected would just hasten the arrival of the civil war. To quote James Madison: "It seems now to be pretty well understood that the real difference of interests lies not between the large and small but between the northern and southern states. The institution of slavery and its consequences form the line of discrimination."

If any mention of slavery was demanded to be removed, then Americans might regard the issue differently. For example, if the average American did not see anyone in power stopping rebellions and just letting them play out, they perhaps America would’ve been less racist. Then again, if no one saw the Constitution not allowing Congress to condemn the Atlantic slave trade, then they might come to accept the social standard even if they believe something

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