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Sleeping Habits

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Sleeping habits of marine engineers
- Part of the greater study: The medical questionnaire

Master of Science Thesis

Thomas Forsman

Department of Shipping and Marine Technology CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 Report No. NM-10/2

Sleeping habits of marine engineers

Thomas Forsman

Department of Shipping and Marine Technology CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

Sleeping habits of marine engineers Thomas Forsman Nordic Master in Maritime Management Chalmers University of Technology

There are done several studies and researches of marine personnel fatigue especially of deck officers. There is a demand and great interest to survey the sleeping habits of Swedish marine engineers. The aim of this Master Thesis is to find out if marine engineers get enough sleep. The purpose is also to find differences in sleeping patterns between technical chiefs and engineers.

This Master Thesis is a part of a greater study, where the marine engineers answered a medical questionnaire and filled a diary. Test persons wore also a special watch that recorded their sleep and wake results. This Master Thesis and its results are based on the answers given in the medical questionnaire. Questionnaire was filled in on Swedish vessels operating in different maritime sectors.

The results indicated that there were differences between engine personnel’s sleeping habits and especially in how they felt the fatigue. The results received from the medical questionna ire point out that there is a demand at some level for planning, execution and surveillance of marine engineers’ work task. To prevent fatigue in the engine room is current and desirable.

The individual circadian rhythm could be taken in consideration when planning work shifts. Work and especially sleeping environment should be suitable. Respecting the...

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