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Slim Wave in Singapore

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Slim Wave in Singapore
Motivation occurs when a need is aroused that the consumer wishes to satisfy.
In this case, the motivation is to be skinny based on the need of social acceptance.
Once that need has been activated, a state of tension exists that drives the consumer to attempt to eliminate or reduce the need.
Diet pills are an easy way to satisfy the need of acceptance by helping make someone skinny.
This reduces the tension without much effort.
Needs may be Utilitarian or Hedonic.
The need here is to fit in (social acceptance) and to feel good about oneself, which are sort of a blend of utilitarian and hedonic needs, but in the case of Singapore lean more towards hedonic, because it involves the emotions more than practicality. However, it could be utilitarian if someone were overweight but considering that Singapore has an obesity rate of only 4.2%, it is clear that there is no real need to lose weight artificially.
The desired end state is the consumer's goal.
The goal is to be thin like the models in the glossy magazines.
Magnitude of tension a need creates (or degree of arousal) is called a drive.
The tension is the feeling that one is not already skinny enough, so to resolve this tension, one is driven to find a solution (such as diet pills).
Personal and cultural factors combine to create a want which is a manifestation of a need.
Diet pills satisfy the want to be skinny without having to put in the hard effort such as eating healthy and exercising.
Motivational Strength:
I believe that the diet pills are encouraged through expectancy theory because women have the expectation that the diet pills will make them thinner and as a result, more 'beautiful' which to them is the positive expectation that pulls them.
Motivational Direction:
The company has convinced women in Singapore that their diet pills are a "natural way to lose...

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