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Small and Medium Industry

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Pickle is one of the very popular items of every Indian house. This is one of the delicious item and the people need it every day. The varieties of pickles in different regions of India have highly export potential and earn considerable foreign exchange. Many people are traditionally expertise in making many types of pickle according to their tastes. In view of its popularity of the products, the unit s engaged in this activity can get good market for the product. The unit can extend their support to the nation by creating more employment generation in the rural area.

India is the land of spices. The country produces at present 2 million tonnes of different varieties of spices and holds first position in the world. It requires the simple grinding and formulation as per the region’s taste and flavors. Any entrepreneurs who have the basic sense of taste and flavor and little bit of market knowledge may be very successful in setting up of this unit.

Manufacturing of Papad is one of the traditional activities in the rural area in the country. Papad is one of the very popular and delicious eatable item. The product is having very good market demand in the country and also in abroad. The activity doesn’t required any machine, however, a good quality of + A29 flour is required and the dough is made and rolled in accordance to the uniform required size without much efforts.
Papad can be prepared with different tastes indifferent region. The activity helps for creation of more employment opportunity in the Country especially for...

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