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Small Business Project

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Small Business Project


What is your favorite place to go out in Managua? What restaurant do you prefer the most? Those are some of the many questions people from Nicaragua and outside the country ask frequently when they want to have fun in the city of Managua. We as a group found a business opportunity in the market of Managua. We have been doing some research about Nicaraguan market preferences, and we are trying to understand the different needs and wants they have. By asking some specific questions to a few of them we have found some vital primary information. Besides, we have been doing some observatory research to analyze certain behavior from people around different areas of Managua such as Gallerias and Metrocentro. In this project, we are focusing on providing a unique place to the Nicaraguan market where people can enjoy between their families or friends in one spot. This new business will be a two-floor building divided into three main areas: restaurant and bar(first floor), Night Club(second floor). This new place will be named ChillZone. At ChillZone customers will have the freedom to choose where they want to be according to the purpose of the visit. The benefits of this place is that everything is located in the same area, so customers will not have to worry about time and traveling trying to find a place to hang out. We will also provide security and transportation to all our customers.

This new business will be a combination between type A and C startups according to the information provided in our small business book. You may ask, why type A and C? We all know there is a great competition among bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city and their products and services are all similar. Our new project will be centered in providing improved products and personalized...

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