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Small Medium Enterprises

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (D) 40 (D) 5 Km (A) 10 Km (C) REFRACT (D) FACE (A) TKQKJX (C) ALGUT (B) They are bad absorbers of heat. (C) Orbit : 28. (B) aanan 29. (D) UG 30. (D) 6 31. (D) 32 32. (D) 6 33. (A) 28 34. (C) 45 35. (B) 60 Years 36. (C) Uncle 37. (C) 20% 38. (A) Tuesday 39. (B) 6 40. (C) 2.24 PM 41. (A) 324 42. (C) 51 43. (A) 64 44. (A) 1 6 + 5 – 10×4÷3=9 45. (B) South 46. (A) 47. (C) 40 48. (C) 51. (D) Illumination 52. (B) Tropical rain forests 53. (B) D i f l u o r o Dichloro Methane 54. (C) U n i v e r s a l brotherhood 55. (C) 4 inches 56. (C) Sweden 57. (D) Mongolia 58. (C) 40 lakhs 59. (B) R a g i n i Chander Sarkar 60. (C) Rauf 61. (D) Tonight This Savage Rite 62. (B) Sir Whittle Frank 70. (A) U.S.A 71. (C) Sindhi, Konkani, Manipuri, Nepali 72. (C) President of India - Rajya Sabha - Lok Sabha 73. (B) Aggradation 74. (C) Harshavardhana 75. (C) Muhammadbin-Bhaktiyar 76. (C) Jahangir 77. (D) 1909 78. (A) Bengal and Punjab 79. (A) Day time 80. (C) 70% 81. (D) Tapti 82. (C) Gujarat 83. (A) Shipkila 84. (B) a-2, b-3, c-4, d-1 85. (A) Apple 86. (C) 80-100 mg 87. (C) L i q u i d i t y preference 88. (D) Tse-tse fly 89. (B) About 65 mil-

10. (C) TONIC BODY 11. (B) KMDFEGSU 12. (A) DFHJ 13. (A) DGFE 14. (C) QRSU 15. (B) 10 16. (A) STUV 17. (B) 49 18. (C) Bridge 19. (C) Sleeping 20. (C) CWFS 21. (D) YBEH 22. (B) 65 23. (B) 625 24. (C) (6, 42, 54) 25. (B) AFKPUZ 26. (B) 15 27. (C) 5, 2, 4, 1, 3 1

63. (A) Co-operation among developing nations 64. (C) Excess reserves 65. (B) Ministry fo Finance 66. (A) Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan 67. (B) Three years 68. (C) 8.6%

49. (C)

50. (C)

69. (C) Total revenue equals total cost

lion years 90. (B) West to East 91. (A) Steel 92. (C) Luna III

117. (B) 1331000 118. (A) 63 119. (D) a + b + 2ab 120. (C) 17

145. (B) Rs. 80

93. (D) Echo location 121. (C) 2 94. (B) Valves 95. (D) Access 122. (C) 1683 123. (C) 39

96. (B) 0.5 to 1.5 per 124. (A) 125% cent carbon 1 97. (B) limestone and 125. (C) 10 Days 4 clay 98. (B) Supercooled liquid 99. (B) 3200°C 100. (A) Desert 101. (B) Rs. 12.96 102. (B) 37.5 103. (A) 10% 104. (B) 1 Hr. 12 Min. 105. (A) 6 106. (C) Rs. 1052 107. (B) 8% 108. (B) Rs. 2400 109. (B) 100. (C) 4 111. (A) 2 112. (B)
43 11
2 :1

126. (C) 5

5 Days 7

146. (C) 19 years 11 months 168. (B) But for your support, he would 147. (A) Desert have lost the elec148. (C) 23 : 25 tion. 2 169. (A) My uncle is 149. (A) 14 7 rich enough to buy 150. (A) X and Z both a car 151. (B) Sad 170. (C) The lorry ran 152. (C) Complaining over an old man walking along the 153. (C) Bold road 154. (A) Hazardous 155. (B) Day-dream 156.(B) Dependent 157. (D) Honest 158. (C) Convict 159. (B) Understate 160. (A) Indisputable 171. (B) Thesaurus 172. (A) Acoustic 173. (C) Ignominious 174. (B) Repentant 175. (A) Demagogue 176. (A) Insolvent

Queen Anne lived in a cottage

127. (A) 30 days 128. (C) 77 129. (B) 150 130. (B) 1 hr 40 mins 131. (D) 70 132. (B) 259 133. (D) 800 134. (B) 24.76% 135. (C) 3 : 11 136. (B) 10 137. (B) 3 : 5 138. (D) 56 : 99 : 69 139. (C) 48 140. (B) 14 141. (D) 25% 142. (C) 2% loss

161. (A) To make ut- 177. (D) Blasphemy 178. (C) Prevaricate most efforts 162. (C) Waste one's 179. (B) Lexicographer efforts 163. (B) To escape 180. (A) Biopsy Culture When Collective Other Distinctive Existence Follow

113. (D) 7 114. (B) 2.8284 115. (B) 147 116. (D) 3 2

143. (A) 90
2 144. (B) 16 % 3

164. (C) To die while 181. (B) in service 182. (C) 165. (C) To profit in a 183. (D) dishonest way 184. (C) 166. (A) A Sikh, taller 185. (A) than any of his comrades, rushed 186. (B) 187. (C) forward

167. (C) An author 188. (D) Continuity who was famous 189. (A) In in the reign of 190. (C) Norms

191. (D) No error 192. (B) Are indeed 193. (C) Despite of himself 194. (C) The more good-looking one. 195. (B) Charles is playing 196. (C) In accordance with 197. (C) Although 198. (B) Contemporary 199. (D) Would have left 200. (C) Disabled


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