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Smart Goals and Self Leadership Goals


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SMART Goals and Self Leadership Goals Thomas B. Joyce II
Grand Canyon University: MGT-605
February 12th, 2013

As I get older and talk with more highly motived individuals, one thing I can recognize is they all have goals in life. Ken Blanchard stated, “All great performance starts with the setting of goals (GCU, 2013). With that being said, I thought deeper into what I wanted out of life, and what I needed to do to achieve this. In addition, I am now able to apply my knowledge of SMART goals, and identify my developmental level with each goal to reveal my motivation and competence (Blanchard, 2010). Applying this I am going to first explore my personal goal of spending more quality time with my eight year old daughter, discuss my educational goal of earning a 4.0 GPA in my graduate program, and my professional goal of becoming a University Development Manager for my company. As a single father, I’m continually noticing my quality time diminishing with my 8 year old daughter. Between my job that needs my attention in the day and night, being in Graduate school, cooking, cleaning, and helping her with her homework, I’m finding that there are not enough hours in the day to spend time with her on a personal level. I used to spend approximately 15 quality hours a week with her. Now I’m lucky to get 4 hours in a weeks’ time. She’s still a straight “A” student, but I can tell she is wanting more time with her daddy, and it hurts me not to have enough time to give her. When looking into my developmental level of this goal, I can definitely say that I’m a D1 (low competence, high commitment) (Blanchard, 2010). I’m not quite sure how to make this time that I want, but I’m very motivated to do what it takes to get these hours back every week. I feel like my time management skills are lacking a lot, and need fine tuning. The factors that present the

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