Smart Growth

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Smart Growth
Douglas Broadwater
GEOG 101
December 7, 2012
Stephen Buckman

Smart Growth
Stapleton International Airport in Denver Colorado was first opened in 1929, and operated continuously until it closed in 1995. After 66 years of operation, upgrades, and expansion the airport had five concourses, six runways up to 12,000 feet in length and covered nearly 4,700 acres of land. From 1995 on the site sat largely abandoned while investor attempted to find vendors to set up shops in the empty concourses, in 1997 a hail storm punched holes in the roof of the terminals causing extensive water damage, the decision was made to tear down all the structure except for the 12 story control tower that is hoped to serve as an airport monument, developer want to turn it in to anything from a museum, restaurant or recreation center although its final destiny has yet to be determined("Denver Urban Renewal Authority", n.d.).
In 1999 the City of Denver selected Forest City Stapleton Inc. as a master developer for Stapleton’s Sustainable Development Plan. This would generate economic development, enhance existing neighborhoods and businesses and offer high quality attractive homes to people with all different ranges of incomes. (Smartgrowth in action, n.d.) Stapleton covers 4,700 acres and is just fifteen minutes from downtown Denver. The project was estimated to take 15-20 years until full completion. Upon being complete they are expected to have 30,000 residence, and 35,000 workers, 10 million square feet of commercial space, 2 million square feet of retail centers and more than 1,100 new acres of parks, trails, and wildlife habitat. By early 2006 there was 7000 people living at Stapleton and three schools were already opened. The housing ranges from multi to single family homes and also includes apartment and duplex style living. They even reserved some homes for…...