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Smart Investment

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CEBBECO, Oberoi Realty and B.S. Trans enters the market this week The listing of Carrer, EROS and Microtech may be most sensational
How much the IPOs would be oversubscribed? What about refund? What is the possibility of allotment and listing price?
Samtex Fashions Ltd.
(BSE Code : 531206) (Rs. 33)
In view of recent floods in Pakistan, rice crop there is likely to suffer and since Pakistan is one of the biggest exporters of rice, Indian rice exporters should gain due to likely fall in Pakistan's rice exports. Moroever, there is growing fancy agri-based companies. Hence, the recommendation to buy Samtex Fashions (name appears a misnomer as presently, garment business constitutes only tiny %age of its total business) as scrip is available at extremely low PE Ratio and has high book value. his Delhi based company was originally incorporated for garment business. However, now garment business accounts for hardly 10% of total turnover. Company has set up 3 rice mills

For More details refer PrimaryMarket (Center Page)
Jay Bharat Maruti
(BSE Code : 520066) (Rs. 73)
Belonging to Arya group, Jay Bharat Maruti is one of the oldest Autoancillaries of Maruti Udyog and has emerged as a constantly growing autoancillary. Set up in 1987, Jay Bharat Maruti has 2 factories in NCR region with capacity to manufacture more than 70,000 parts everyday. Its products are mainly sheet components whcih include White/Skin...

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