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Southeast Asia Smart Meter Market Overview:
Market Trends, Challenges, Future plans and
Metering Billing/CRM Asia 2012
May 8, 2012

Hoonho (Andy) Bae
Senior Analyst
Pike Research


Smart Grid Overview
Smart Meters and AMI
Smart Meter Drivers and Challenges
Smart Meter Pilot Projects and Plans
Market Forecasts
Global Market Trends in Smart Meters

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Smart Grid Goals
Sustainable, Secure, Environmentally Safe Energy
• Reduce utility operating costs
• Improve grid reliability
• Increase energy efficiency

Less Grid

 Reduce overall demand
 Reduce end-to-end system losses
 Shift peak demand (C&I, residential)
• “Soft” consumer-driven “demand response”
• Verifiable, centrally controlled demand response

• Integrate renewable generation
 Intermittent, bulk generation
 Renewable Distributed Energy Generation (RDEG)

• Support electric transportation transition
 Commercial and personal vehicles (PEV)
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More Grid

General Drivers for Smart Grid
Energy Independence


Carbon Reduction

Regulatory Goals
Demand Response
Own Generation
Customer Service
Lower Energy Costs
Market Operation
Opex Reduction
Collections Energy Management


IT/OT Infrastructure
Communications / Automation Network
Power Network

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(Source: Pike Research)


Smart Meters
• Smart meter definition
 Integrated intelligence (computing and memory) with energy readings at least once per hour
 Integrated, two-way communications for remote reading and control of the meter

• Advanced metering infrastructure
 Private radio (RF) technologies (mesh or tower-based)
 Power Line Carrier
 Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G)

• Types of smart meters
 Advanced – with a Home Area Network (HAN) interface and remote disconnect
 Basic – without a HAN, may have remote disconnect
 Simple – limited communications
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Technology Choices
RF Star

RF Mesh



(Public Cell or Private)






Power Line Carrier

Wireline, Broadband, Fiber



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(Source: Pike Research)

Smart Meter Drivers in Southeast
• Utility perspectives

Reduced meter reading labor costs
Increased meter reading frequency and accuracy
Remote connect/disconnect and load limiting
Outage detection
Power quality monitoring, outage prevention, and load planning
Theft prevention

• Consumer perspectives
 Promote reduced electricity energy use and carbon emission
 Promote behavioral change and empower individuals through knowledge and information  Save money for both consumers and suppliers via more accurate bills

• Southeast Asia regional perspectives
 Fast growing economy and urbanization – social and industrial infrastructure
 National electrification programs
 Enhanced electricity quality through AMI and smart grid environment

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Challenges and Barriers in
Southeast Asia
• Market participants struggling with more issues than those solved with smart meters
• Challenges include technology, capital, consumer participation, and standards issues:

Cost and ownership issues
Huge capital investment
Lack of legal framework and regulations
Lack of reliable and cost effective communication networks / backbone capacity
 Lack of IT infrastructure and integration
 Customer participation and awareness
 Cyber security and standards

• Still facing low electrification levels – smart metering not a high priority?
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Smart Meter Pilot Projects and
• Indonesia
 Diverse projects by PT PLN
• AMR: Focusing on C&I customers via GSM since 2007
• AMI: Selected customers with 10,000 units of smart meters in trial projects via PLC
• Prepaid Meters: Over 500,000 units since 2009

• Malaysia
 “25-Year Electricity Technology Roadmap (TRM)” by TNB since
 Smart meter trials with over 5,000 participating customers in different types of usage environments
• Bayan Lepas in Penang (industrial customers)
• Bukit Bintang in the capital city Kuala Lumpur (commercial customers)
• Medini in Johor, southern Malaysia (general customers)
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Smart Meter Pilot Projects and
• The Philippines
 Meralco and NGCP are actively deploying smart meters,
Demand Response and T&D trials
• Smart substations in Antipolo by NGCP
• Total Investment in smart grid by Meralco $936 million by 2022
• Deploy smart meters with IHD in 2013
• Smart meters with two-way communications and total HEMS solutions via mobile connectivity

• Thailand
 PEA leads national Smart Grid programs including smart meters, renewable energies, EV, and T&D upgrades
• $13 billion in overall investment till 2027
• AMI trial projects with 10,000 units in Pattaya from 2012

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Total Electricity Meters Installed
Base Forecast
• Driven by National Electrification Programs and
Economic Growth
• Total 226 million units by 2020
Electric Meter Installed Base, Southeast Asia, by Country: 2009-2020




















(Source: Pike Research)

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Smart Meter Penetration Rate
• Singapore (74.8%), Malaysia (59.5%), Thailand (37.9%),
Indonesia (19.7%) by 2020
• Total penetration in ASEAN region will reach 24.5% by 2020
Smart Meter Installed Base (of all Meters) by Country, Southeast Asia: 2009-2020















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Other Regions Also Growing
• Latin America, led by Brazil, is increasing adoption
• Smart meter plans in Japan and Korea (KEPCO) also forming

• Prepay metering activity strong in Middle East and Africa
Smart Meter Installed Base (of all Meters) by Region, World Markets: 2010-2020

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(Source: Pike Research)


demand responsive smart buildings

Generation > 30% renewable sources

Clean transportation, leveraging clean generation Copyright © 2012 Pike Research

Secure, self-healing, self-optimizing grid

Energy-efficient, self-managing homes driven by consumer choice
(Source: Pike Research)

• Still a long journey ahead for
Smart Meters, along with
Smart Grid Ecosystems
• Smart Meters are an essential part reaching advanced electricity services
• Strong opportunities exist in
South East Asia
• Smart Energy Ecosystem opportunities are emerging

Smart Homes
Smart Buildings
Smart Cities
Clean Transportation
Renewable generation

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