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In today’s world, smart phones play an important role for many people and businesses. People use smart phones because it allows them to do many tasks on the go, checking e-mail, viewing bank statements and balances even social networking. For many it has also become a status symbol. To own the latest iPhone or Android is no longer about just function, many of the phones features are never even understood or used. It is about the bragging rights. To stand amongst your friends and family and hold up the shiny new phone and feel superior. The real question though, is are these new phones really better for us, or are they making us better targets for identity theft, privacy invasion and hacking attempts.

There have been several changes to phone technology since the cell phone was invented in the 1970’s and used the analog system of sending information. The analog system was unencrypted and could be intercepted by anyone with common electronic devices available at Radio Shack. Next was iDen (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network), which used digital waves instead of analog. It has evolved into what we know now as Nextel’s Push-to-Talk feature. More secure than analog, but still easy to intercept and decode. TDMA (Time Division Media Access) was implemented by AT&T in the 1990’s. It featured a voice security that enabled encryption on your phone based on your voice. However if you enabled it, your phone would not work because AT&T never installed the software on their servers.

GMS (Global System Mobile, recently renamed Global System for Mobile Communications) is the current leading system used in the world today. It uses a smart chip or SIM card that stores your data and information and can be transferred between phones. This system uses a digital encryption between your phone and the base tower, and then sends the information over the providers…...