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Smartphones and Social Networking

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Smartphones and Social Networking
David B. Henson
Professor Jeffrey Miller
American Military University
July 2014

The technologies used in making today’s Smartphones and the way they communicate play a crucial role in changing the way we as humans interact with each other. Just a few decades ago there were no smartphones. People interacted with one another via face-to-face conversations. There were no apps to check in to someplace, to text someone, or a way to update your status on your favorite social networking site. People got together in groups and had verbal face-to-face conversations, interaction, hugging, handshaking, smiles, frowns and many more reactions to one another. Today, people have those same reactions but, with digital friends they may have never met.
You may hear people say they have a few hundred Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or Youtube views of videos they put online. Is interacting with digital friends online considered human interaction? Where does this interaction take place? When you sit behind a computer screen, a tablet, or your Smartphone and update your status or read someone’s updates is it considered human interaction? This author thinks it is not.
The first mobile phone call was made in 1973. Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer called his competitor at AT&T. Although, it took some time after that first mobile call; almost every person has a Smartphone today. Martin Coopers dream has become a reality in that everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket or on their hip. As with the evolution of the mobile phone into a Smartphone so to the network speeds of those systems have evolved. When Martin Cooper made that first mobile call forty-one years ago there were no mobile networks per se. The first network was an analog first generation (1G) that provided speeds of about 14.4K...

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