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Smartphones Impact

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ntroduction Smartphones are not only changing the way people of the world communicate but they are also changing many aspects of most people’s daily lives. Since there creation smartphones have come a long way in what they can do. Smartphones now allow user to talk, text, tweet, search, email, check the weather, get directions, take pictures, find restaurants, pay bills, shop, listen to music, and do so much more from the palm of out hands. While this makes life easier are smartphones causing problems? With security problems and social issues arising with the increased use of smartphones, smartphones may be not such a smart idea after all.
Smartphones have been around since 1993. IBM created the first smart phone called SIMON. This phone was created to combine “voice and data services into one package, as the device acted as a mobile phone, a PDA and even a fax machine” (Reed, 2012). This smartphone was rare possession considering it could be purchased for the price of $899. While the Pilot created by Palm is not a smartphone, it is credited for popularizing handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices (Reed, 2012). In the late 90’s the Nokia 9110 Communicator was the start of keyboards on phones with its original fold out keyboard (Reed, 2012). In 2002 the first phone capable of receiving emails and web browsing was created, the Blackberry by RIM (Reed, 2010). With a few more attempts form other companies the smartphone was never a huge success until 2007 when Apple released it’s first iPhone. Its success was in its advanced web browsing and touchscreen display (Reed, 2012). In 2007 Android introduced the Droid to Verizon customers (Reed, 2010). Since then, there have been more advances in smartphone technology. With Sprint competing for profit in the smartphone industry they invented their own Smartphone and multiple new iPhones have...

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