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A new gadget called samrt watch now, you can find easily this watches in many stores leaders such as samsung or sony have created one so it's a new market to be more precise , a smartwatch allows you to receive calls , messages, emails , always in connexion with your cell phone you put your smartwatch like a watch in your arm so you can see your message directly in your smartwatch without needing look at your cell phone. But you always need to have your smartphone near from the smartwatch In thz article that I read, they advise you to wait to buy a smartwatch beacause it's too recent, so it's very expensive. Moreover, soon, new versions more efficient and developed will be sold For instance, they talk about an Iwatch by apple , o other watches by microsoft For the time being , autonomy remains low Moreover, smarwatches are simple in desing But about style , opinions are shared . For some people the watches are inelegant and for other people they are design and fashion This watches are just compatible with some cell phones, not all the smartphones And they said, that it may be weird talk to his watch, beacause we are not James Bond or K2000! So in a nutshell, if you wait to buy one, you can have a better version , cheap , compatible with more cellphones, with a better and new desing I found this article in internet , on the website « France TV Info » the article dates from September 7 ,2013 and he is called « Six reasons to not yet adopt a smartwatch…...

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