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Week 2 Smith v. Store Smith was a part-time checker for a store. During one particular sale, she and a customer, had a disagreement about the “sale” price of a particular item; the customer left her merchandise at the counter and went to check the listed price on the shelf. While waiting for the customer to return, Smith voided out that sale and put the merchandise aside in order to continue helping the other customers in line. When the customer returned, she accused Smith of taking $10.00 that she had left on the counter with her merchandise. Smith denied even seeing the money. The store manager searched Smith’s coat pockets and did not find any money. He then balanced her cash drawer, and it balanced perfectly. The customer was still convinced that Smith had taken her money and continued to cause a loud scene. The store manager asked a female employee to accompany Smith to the washroom in order to strip search her for the money. Smith was asked to strip down to her briefs, and there was no sign of any money. The customer claimed that she had between $500-600 dollars in her purse; she wouldn’t count it out, but she maintained her belief that Smith had stolen her money. Smith quit her job soon after this incident and filed charges based on invasion of privacy against the store.

FACT: A customer accused Smith of stealing money from her while she was retrieving a price for an item. Smith was searched, then taken into the restroom and strip searched.
ISSUE: Was the search an invasion of Smith’s privacy?
RULE: Company policies should state in the event that money is stolen, the actions that are taken and who are notified.
APPLICATION: The store employee should not have conducted a strip search. That placed Smith in a very uncomfortable situation and an invasion of her privacy. If there was an issue the manager should have called the police and let them handling it.
CONCLUSION: The court will rule in favor of smith for invasion of privacy.

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