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I am sincerely thankful to Miss Kanupriya (Project Faculty Guide), under whose guidance I have successfully completed this project and time spent with her had been a great learning experience. I think her constant encouragement, warm responses and for filling every gap with valuable ideas has made this project successful. She made it possible for me to put all my theoretical knowledge to work out on the topic: “MARKETING STRATEGIES OF COCA COLA.
A mammoth project of this nature calls for intellectual nourishment, professional help and encouragement from many people. We are highly thankful to all of them for their help and encouragement. We wish to acknowledge our great debt to all of them whose ideas and contribution influenced me to complete the project work.




This project is focused on studying the various marketing strategies of Coca-Cola and the scenario of Indian soft drink industry in the 1990’s.

Coca-Cola Co., the global soft drink industry leader controlled Indian soft drink industry till 1977. Then Janta Party beats the Congress Party and the Central Government was changed. This change brought problems for Coca-Cola principle bottler, who was a big supporter of Gandhi Family. Now Janta Party government demanded that Coca-Cola should transfer its syrup formula to an India subsidiary (Chakravarty, 43). Because of…...

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