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Smosh Magazine Evaluation

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Zach Howard
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Senior English
Magazine Evaluation
The Smosh Magazine is a piece of literature written by one of the most popular Youtube groups on the internet. The magazine is a collaboration with Smosh, in which they write about all the things that they do behind the scenes of all their videos. They also write small stories, have some Smosh playing cards, and even include other things involving their other Youtube channel, Smosh Games. Although Smosh Magazine may provide entertainment for younger readers, others may find some of the content to be rather idiotic, racy, or possibly even offensive to their beliefs. Many people view magazines in different ways including cost, article topics, the artwork, and the overall length and content of the magazine. Throughout this essay, I will be covering all off these topics to help you decide weather or not Smosh Magazine is something worth your time. One of the first things most people look at when searching for a magazine, is the cost of it. The Smosh Magazine cost $5.99. This is a typical price when it comes to magazines. And consider the length of this magazine, the price fits very nice. The magazine consists of 82 pages and has quite a bit of things to read about. The articles are good in length, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Which is great because then it keeps things interesting. The main thing that catches a customer’s eye, is the overall look of the magazine. The Smosh Magazine does not fall short in this category. The magazine is full of various pictures. There are pictures of the cast, famous actors, and several different cartoons. However, some pages have too many pictures on them, which makes everything seem a bit crowded and overwhelming. This leads me to my next part, the layout of the magazine. Most of the magazine is laid out very nicely has a great flow to it, which makes it easy to read. Other pages, on the other hand, have kind of a “jumpy” feel to them. This makes it feel like you just jump around the page and don’t really read anything. When it comes to titles and headings, the Smosh Magazine did very well. Everything is well marked, and is in large font which makes the topic of the article clear. To some customers, the ethical side to a magazine is very important. Overall, the magazine is good when it comes to ethics, but there are a few things that some people would not like. For example, a few article topics could be a bit touchy. One in particular, has to do with “spotting a horrible prom date.” Some might not like this article because it has to do with judging people. The photos in this magazine are fairly good from an ethical point of view. However, there are a few that cross the line. For example, there are a few pictures that involve fake puke (which looks real), and there is also a picture of a man laying by a car (suggesting that he was hit by the vehicle). Both of these pictures are rather graphic, and some customers might not approve of that. Overall, the Smosh Magazine is a very good and was well put together. When it comes to practical reasons, aesthetics, and ethics the magazine is rather appealing to most people. However, there are a few spots where the magazine could use some tweaking. I recommend giving the Smosh Magazine a quick read when you have the chance.

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