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Marketing Materials—Website Rubric Audience
SnackApp’s target audience is young sports fan and sporting event attendees.

Engaging and Appealing Design o Consistent theme and color scheme throughout website o Font and color of text is intelligible and easy to read o Graphics and images are placed appropriately and fits into design of website o Links are distinct and clearly convey where link will take the user

Color and font are consistent through the website. But the white color may be a little bit too dazzling to read. May be light grey will be better. Graphics and images fit perfectly. Navigation o Easy to navigate through pages and links o seamless transitions between content o Links function correctly (take user where they want to go) o Content arranged in functional order Easy to locate information and navigate around. The “about” bottom is a little confuse to me until I click on it. Other links and bottom works well. Contents are nice organized. Informative o Content clearly explains how to use our app o content throughout site is concise but engaging o All information is relevant to subject area More description on “how to use” the app, the infographic on how it works is not very clear on this point. All other content is closely related to subject. Well-Edited (Visual & Verbal) o no grammatical or spelling errors o word choice is professional yet easy to follow for all customers o Material is updated frequently as products and information changes.

Clear Company Ethos o clearly stated purpose and vision o Emphasizes quality of services and devotion to customer service o Mission/vision accurately reflects company’s goals and objectives

Press Releases

o Organized in descending order of importance o Captures the target audiences attention o Provides audience with a call to action

Newsletters o Clear purpose/intention (informative, educational etc.) o Distinct target audience for which we are intending to market our product towards

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