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Hum 101 T/R 3:00-4:50

HUM 101 • Myers
Greek Tragedy Film Analysis

1. Who is the hero of this film and why do you see it that way?
The hero of the film is Rick Santoro because even though yes he has been making decisions his whole life that hurts others. The definition of hero is character should be an admirable person with whom the audience can identify. While Rick does not really follow the description of a knight in shining armor, he still makes the right decision in the end and is willing to serve his time in order to see justice done.

2. Explain the hero’s tragic flaw.
The hero’s tragic flaw is that is Santoro has been bullying people and accepting payoffs for years. He is a greedy person who for most of his life only cares about himself and what he wants. Basically all he can see is money and his desires. But once he becomes part of something bigger, he is able to look past what he wants and finally do the right thing, even if that means he will have to pay for his past crimes.

3. Describe when the hero’s reversal of fortune occurs.
When Rick tries to do the right thing by the publicity resulting of the missile project, he causes others to become suspicious of his behavior which results in his being charged with crimes. He tries to finally do the right thing by exposing the people who killed a man and are trying to get away with a conspiracy that would hurt the Government and potentially others, he leads himself to be in the spot light and causes his past deeds to become know.

4. When and how does the audience experience pity in connection with the hero (according to Aristotle’s rules)?
Rick gets beaten up by his friend and other army people. They are trying to find where the girl is, but he will not tell them. They really beat the crap out of him, and even have the pro boxer help. They then trick him into leading them to the girl…...

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