Snatch Movie Analysis

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Abstract 2
Introduction and Thesis 3
Plot 3
Characters 4
Iconography 4
Ways in which genres has change 5
Paragraph five: Genres it has merged with 5
Ways in which SNATCH follows generic conventions 6
Ways in which SNATCH subverts the genre 7
Reasons why gangster movies are interested today 8
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The project is about the gangster movie genre with all its elements that contains. Moreover the fundamentals of plot, iconography, characters, ways that genre has change and how are they connected with others are briefly explained. The Snatch as an example of gangster movie is presented and analyzed. It is shown how this movie follows the pattern of gangster movies, and which characteristics do not. Furthermore it is explained why gangsters movies are still popular and attractive for the audience.

Introduction and Thesis

One of the most popular and productive genre is crime genre. According to Stankic N. (2004) and Neale, S. (2000) Crime genre is presented with three smaller ones which have similar characteristics but different stories. These subgenres are: detective, thriller and gangster genre. Crime genre name is used for all the movies that have developed composite tale which action is connected with breaking the law, violence or with murder. This action can be any crime that, as result, has a hard moral judgment. The movie Snatch, made by Guy Ritchie is gangster movie because there is a robbery story, movie consists plenty scene with shooting as well as the gangsters are main characters. It this movie we can find as well some comedy, and action genre characteristic. The best scene which confirms all the characteristics mentioned above is the scene in the beginning where it is shown the action of stealing the…...