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In every school there is a seemingly endless rivalry of snob’s verses nerd’s. These two clashing social groups have both likeness and differences. The two groups may seem polar opposites because of their extreme differences, but some of the similarities may surprise you. Snobs, these are people who generally have money, play sports, are very popular, and try to tell the world they are oozing with self-confidence. Snobs depend on people believing the images they set for themselves, and having others constantly reassuring them they are wonderful. They set their lives around what other people think. Snobs unlike nerds usually have better clothes, have big fancy parties, or go out to the movies a lot more than nerds do. The snob’s group is usually very exclusive. Their rejection of others is their desperate attempt to not be rejected themselves. Snobs rely on always wearing, doing, and saying, what is “in”, to stay “in”. Snobs like to think they are more superior to others, and are usually threatened by those with natural talent. Due to lack of self-confidence, they make others feel inferior with verbal attacks and rumors. These people feeling smaller makes the snobs feel bigger inside. Nerds are generally the ones with less money, lacking in coordination, not popular, but have enough self-confidence so they don’t have to announce it to the world. They are usually the ones who have good grades, or are in advanced classes. Nerds typically have an underlying talent, which is why they are in advanced classes, band, choir, math club, or drama club. Nerds don’t usually have all the fashion clothes, but unlike the snobs like to express their own personalities in their own way. Nerds can but don’t usually play sports, because of their lack of coordination, and usually fall or get hurt. They have quirkiness, and are generally more positive people, and have more...

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