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Snows of Kilimanjaro

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True and False
What exactly is the difference in love and lust? One would say love is a bond between two souls and lust is a connection of two people through a material object. In “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” written by Ernst Hemingway, Harry and his wife Helen have a very peculiar relationship. While trapped on the Mountain of Kilimanjaro, Harry has a severe case of gangrene in his leg and is practically immotile. He enters into a state of depression and bestows all negative feelings onto his wife. In the pit of Harry’s despair, he turns further away from Helen and shows the reader his true colors towards their relationship. He becomes undesirable, pessimistic and looks at nothing positive in his life. By doing this, he exemplifies the death-in-life aspects of his life and is negative in way that he has confronted his death earlier than anticipated in a most uncommon way. By doing so, he pushes Helen’s love aside and ignores her calls for sympathy. Helen stands by her husband, as any loving wife would do in an intense time, yet Harry denies the given love. Throughout Hemingway’s story Harry and Helen display two very different types of love for one another; love verses lust, these become apparent are shown through the progressive downward spiral of Harry's mental and physical digression.
Harry gave up on his desire to live, long before his life was actually taken. At the beginning of the short story, Harry exemplifies a man in decline. Hemingway begins the story with Harry saying, “the marvelous thing is that it’s painless, that’s how you know when it starts” (826). In this moment, Harry is describing his current state of his leg, and how he feels as though there is no pain. He has numbed out both the mental and physical pain. By doing so, he is confronting his inevitable death. Helen, his over-conscious wife continues to ask and interrogate Harry that there “must...

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