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Costs of Having a Baby Worksheet - Child Development | Assignment: Having a baby involves huge financial considerations. The purpose of this project is to calculate the amount | of money it takes to raise a child from conception to one year of age. | | | | | Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Pregnancy Needs | | | | | Maternity Wardrobe - a complete outfit | | 14.48$ | x 5 | 75$ | Maternity underwear | | 2.93$ | x 5 | 15$ | Maternity bra | | 8.97$ | x 3 | 29$ | Comfortable, safe, shoes | | 7.88$ | x 1 | 7.88$ | Prenatal vitamins (multivitamin - 150 tablets) | | 28.47$ | x 2 | 58$ | Other: | | | | | Pregnancy Needs Subtotal: | | Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Delivery Needs | | | | | Hospital Delivery | | 30,000.00 | x 1 | 3000000 | (vaginal delivery with no complications) | | | | | Prenatal and Postnatal Doctor Visits | | 150.00 | x 14 | 2,100.0(ar) | Other: | | | | | Delivery Needs Subtotal: | | Internet Source: | a | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Baby's Clothing | | | x 5 | | 0-3 month onesies | | | x 5 | | 0-3 month outfit | | | x 5 | | 3-6 month onesies | | | x 5 | | 3-6 month outfit | | | x 5 | | 6-9 month onesies | | | x 5 | | 6-9 month outfit | | | x 5 | | 9-12 month onesies | | | x 5 | | 9-12 month outfit | | | x 5 | | Socks | | | x 5 | | Shoes | | | x 3 | | Winter jacket | | | x 1 | | Winter hat | | | x 1 | | Winter mittens | | | x 1 | | Warm, outdoor blanket | | | x 1 | | Other: | | | | | | | | | | Baby's Clothing Subtotal: |

| Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Sleeping Needs | | | | | Bassinet | | | x 1 | | Crib | | | x 1 | | Baby blanket | | | x 5 | | Crib Sheet | | | x 2 | | Other: | | | | | | | | | | | | Sleeping Needs Subtotal: | | Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Diapering Needs | | | | | Disposable diapers (Huggies case of 108) | | | x 30 | | Baby wipes (Huggies - gentle care pack 784) | | | x 48 | | Diaper rash cream (A & D ointment - 1 lb tub) | | | x 3 | | Other: | | | | | | | | | | | | Diapering Needs Subtotal: | | Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Feeding Needs | | | | | Nursing Bra | | | x 1 | | Disposable Nursing Pads (box of 60) | | | x 3 | | Breast pump | | | x1 | | Bottles | | | x 5 | | Formula (Enfamil 24 oz. powder) | | | x 40 | | Burp cloth | | | x 5 | | Baby food (Gerber Baby Food - case of 8) | | | x 10 | | Baby bibs | | | x 5 | | Other: | | | | | | | | | | | | Feeding Needs Subtotal: | | Internet Source: | Price Per Item: | Number Needed: | Total Cost: | Baby Care Supplies | | | | | Baby bathtub | | | x 1 | | Baby lotion | | | x 5 | | Baby wash | | | x 5 | | Baby powder | | | x 5 | | Hooded baby towel and washcloth | | | x 1 | | Other: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Baby Care Supplies Subtotal: |

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