Snu Students' Study Habits

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CNU Students’ Study Habits: Preparation for Major Exams

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A. Background of the Study
Reading is an attempt to absorb the thought of the author and know what the author is conveying (Leedy 1956). Studying is the interpretation of reading materials. Study habits and skills are particularly important for college students, whose needs include time management, note taking, internet skill, the elimination of distractions, and assigning a high priority to study. Fielden (2004) states that good study habits help the student in critical reflection in skills outcomes such as selecting, analyzing, critiquing, and synthesizing. Nneji (2002) statest hat study habits are learning tendencies that enable students work privately. Azikiwe (1998) describes study habits as the way and manner a student plans his or her private reading outside lecture hours in order to master a particular subject or topic. Study habits help students master their areas of specialization.
The objective of this study is to examine the study habits of undergraduate students in Cebu Normal University, looking at duration, place of study, materials used for study, and their main motivators. This study will help to establish whether undergraduate students are on par with their peers in other countries in the acquisition of intellectual skills.
B. Statement of the problem
What are the common factors affecting study habits among CNU students?
C. Significance of the study
The proposed research will…...