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CHARACTERISTICS of INDONESIAN MUSIC | INDONESIAN MUSIC | INDONESIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS | The INDONESIAN MUSIC demonstrates its cultural diversity, the local musical creativity, as well as subsequent foreign musical influences that shaped contemporary music scenes of Indonesia. Nearly thousands of Indonesian islands having its own cultural and artistic history and character. This results in hundreds of different forms of music, which often accompanies dance and theater. The musics of Java, Sumatra, Bali, Flores and other islands have been documented and recorded, and research by Indonesian and international scholars is ongoing. The music in Indonesia predates historical records, various Native Indonesian tribes often incorporate chants and songs accompanied with musics instruments in their rituals. Today the contemporary music of Indonesia is popular in the region, including neighboring countries; Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. | Sejuta KasihKata demi kata terungkap indah seiring maksud hati di dada
Resah-resah hati menanti gundahBersatu dengan gejolak yang ada gemetar bibir jua ingin kuucapkan sepenuh mesra kepadamu kekasih tercinta walah dalam hati tak sabar jua ingin selalu kita hidup berdua dalam bahtera cintaREF:
Sejuta kasih bersatu pada dalam impianku di dalam satu rasa yang terjalin indah
Yang hadir mewarnai jiwa oh bahagia oh bahagiaKampuang nan jauh di matoBurung Kakatua
Menclok di jendela
Nenek sudah tuah
Giginya tinggal duaLedrum Ledrum Ledrum la la la
Ledrum Ledrum Ledrum la la la
Ledrum Ledrum Ledrum la la la
Burung Kakatua | Kecapi suling is a type of instrumental music that is highly improvisational and popular in parts of West Java that employs two instruments, kecapi (zither) and suling (bamboo flute). It is related to tembang sunda.Sasando is a plucked string instrument native of Rote island of East Nusa Tenggara. The parts of sasando are a bamboo cylinder surrounded by several wedges where the strings are stretched, surrounded by a bag-like fan of dried lontar or palmyra leafs (Borassus flabellifer), functioned as the resonator of the instrument. |

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