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The Impact of Sociological Theories in Education

Sheila Schmitz
May 7, 2012

Education is the key to success in a person’s life. Not being educated people would be hurting just to try and get through day to day life situations. There are three main theories that help with understanding education and that is functionalist theory, the conflict theory, and the interactionist theory. Theory helps us comprehend why different groups may disagree about how they view social problems, but why they all believe they are right (Vissing, Y., 2011, Chap 1.6). Education could be the difference from getting a low paying job or a high paying job. Education also plays a huge role in helping you to understand things better, it helps your social skills, the way people view you and also the way you view yourself. Functionalism Functionalism approach held that all social structures (institutions or stable units of society) exist because they fulfill some specific functions (Vissing, Y., 2011, Chap 1.6). They view schools as an institution to educate the next generation to give them the knowledge and skills to prepare the youth in their future occupational jobs and leadership roles. The functionalist theory also views all the ways education serves the need of society. Functionalists such as Parsons and Durkheim believe that the school environment is a microcosm (small version) of the adult occupational world and therefore prepare students for their future (Casey Kingsland, 2009, Par.2). In other countries, the children are taught their countries beliefs and values. In our country our children are taught the important values, beliefs and stories that pertain to the main culture in the United States. In the United States we teach what is going on in society so the kids can adapt to their culture. We believe the habit we teach our children at a young age will...

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