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Running Head: WHY SOCIOLOGY? 1.

Why Sociology?
Queneshia Allen
SOC 220
October 10,2015
Mary Brito


Why Take A Sociology Class Is Important To My Career And Life Goals?

Sociology the spice of life, why taking a course in sociology is important the reason is to develop an understanding about the current events that are happening throughout the world. As a graphic designer it is imperative for the designer to have a grasp of the current events so that the designer can advertise the negative and positive events such as restaurants, technology, parks, poverty, and sickness.
In my field of study as a graphic artist, I am being exposed to the different style of design, but, for me to fully understand I need to understand each new opportunity, sociology is a class I find that will assist with this understanding by opening the mind to something new by expanding my mind to the positive and negative of the world, I will have a different perspective and a certain amount empathy that I can merge into my designs.
As a full-time student, I will face new endeavors still new to the changes I will have to experience on my own, I will be out on my own in the current world I will need a sharp wit and the knowledge to be able to survive; sociology though new to this course has given me a brand-new understanding taking sociology in college will give me the advantage I need in to express the emotion others who can not speak for themselves.
As a student to be able to develop in the graphic design field, with the new grasp of understanding the different opinions of others, as well as, the developing a sense of awareness of my surroundings, as I hopefully tour the world. I will be face


With difficulties of a new culture, with the study of sociology I will comprehend and apply the experience to my designs.
As I continue to study with sociology, I will soon be able to fully understand the reason as to why the subject in prominent with each original topic, the advancement in the study can play a very crucial part in my life goals and career by taking in a different perspective of the current events, personal interpretation, and graphic designs.
I believe that sociology is important to each student. A person should at some point should take the class; it helps with understanding personal behavior, how to avoid conflict, and how to influence others; which in any field and personal life is very important.

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