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Name two ways in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside the home.

I love this topic, because it’s something that I complain about daily and I feel is a total disregard or women and how hard we work in society. When a woman works outside the home she has double the job. She has to come home nightly, after being exhausted and is expected to maintain the domestic duties such as; cleaning, cooking, laundry, scrubbing bathrooms, making sure the children are doing well in school, making sure the family is happy and healthy and still maintaining all of that with a smile? Ridiculous! Name two ways in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside the home.
One of the problems with women’s household roles for example would be pregnancy. Attitude is typically that all halts and the woman goes home to rear her child; thus a setback most of the time. This is due to the traditional beliefs. Even the younger generation go towards the woman staying home to take care of the children. Although the younger generation doesn’t come right out and classify women to be in the role indefinitely, more often than not the female leaves her job either temporarily or permanently to attend to the children. (Gimenez; “Marx revisited”, p.21; Michael Bittman and Jocelyn Pixley, The Double Life of the Family. Myth, Hope and Experience, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1997, p.179) Another way in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside of the home is the process of hiring and firing. Women more than men are red flagged if they have a family to care for. More often than not, employers are concerned with the woman’s priorities being in the home before the career and they consider this a liability to their company. Many employers don’t want to spend the money training a person that they feel is a high risk to quit and they consider the family to be a high risk...

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