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Donald Beauchesne
Business Law Final
Convenience Store

I plan to open a convenience store, with gas station, when I finish with college. I have many years of experience managing and running a supermarket as well as a convenience store. I find a convenience store, as opposed to a supermarket, to be more of a personal business relationship with the customers. In time, you get to know the customers on a first name basis and this makes for a better consumer experience for the shopper as well as for me. A supermarket is too big and has too many functions and I found it hard to get to know the customers on a more personal level. This is something that I look for when being in a position of management.
I plan to offer gas, lottery tickets, alchohol, food, and other everyday necessities at the store. In the town that I live in, there are no convenience stores or gas stations. To get gas, you must travel at least 20 minutes. I would like to offer this service in a town that desperately needs it.
With all of these consumer expectations, come laws that will have be adhered to and licenses that must be purchased to be able to offer these goods.
The first set of laws that I would have to be aware of and follow would deal with me employees. Knowing and following these laws will be in my best interest, and make a fair and safe environment to work in.
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 states that I must pay women the same amount I would pay a man ( Since the job requirements at the store would be the same for everybody, this is a law that certainly applies to me. If I at some point decide to promote someone to manager or assistant manager, then the pay scale for all employees will be about the same. Since a manager or assistant manager would handle more duties, they would receive a higher pay, whether it be man or woman.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits…...