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Social Awareness

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Pages 2 speaks to us through a conversation of which we are not aware; we are told messages that implicitly consist of the way western societal standards are set for men and women. Through Mac Cosmetics we are able to define what is beautiful by simply reading through the visual semiotics used. We respond, although passively and sometimes unconsciously, to these messages by defining our place and role in society. Furthermore, many times our own self-worth is lavishly filled or enormously plastered by viewing Mac’s propaganda. However, we continue as faithful customers because it is what our society expects from us: to be faithful consumers.

Wherefore, the main argument of the proposed essay is that promotes an intangible, vague and an erroneous representation of people in society, specifically in terms of gender roles and self-appraisal. As an active media channel, Mac Beauty Products alludes to selling beauty but in fact their message is one of negativity towards the naturally beautiful. Therefore, the message they denote implicitly is not the same as the one shown explicitly; the characters, the magic of this company, its current status in the market/society, and our own sentiment towards it frame the way we perceive the message and what message we ultimately perceive. This essay will touch on three specifics: Mac’s message on gender roles as portrayed by their advertisements, Mac’s use of implicit visual semiotics to display the message, and Mac’s explicit message, the one heard by all who view their advertisements.

Part 1: Mac’s Message on Gender Roles

There are several ways we can describe the website and its products. For one, it is beautiful in that colors are positioned in abstract ways, non-traditional forms that allude to interest of the eye as their magnificence is only but to be appreciated. Second, immediate…...

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