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For as long as we know, race has always been a major issue in our world and throughout time leaving people to believe that race is something that determines an individual. With the movements and progress that has been made throughout the years, it has let people better understand evils of race and how it is not something that should be of importance when deciding on where an individual stands in the world. People have always misconstrued an individual’s particular race with that as something that describes that person as a whole. Because of an individual’s race, this was something that was said to predict where people would fall in the community and this would lay out what chances an individual had in the working world in comparison to someone else. In reading William Julius Wilson’s thoughts on the idea of race and how it has been a major if not the most crucial reasoning to where a person stands in the world, I have been informed of what dilemmas there are that have and still occur today.
I have been informed of the idea that race is unfortunately what people depict when they create an outcome for a particular individual. During the 20th century, it was now a period of time where it was no longer race that was as central of an issue, but it was now class position that was said to have the most importance of where people stood, Black individuals to be specific. When viewing the issues that lie within cities involving poverty, it has been said to focus rather on universal conclusions as a whole and not solutions directed mainly towards an individual’s race. It is important for us to realize that race should not be key but, what is critical is that we look at the issues occurring as a whole and gather a solution those problems where everyone will be able to benefit in a positive way. When people view race as the issue, this is something that will prevent us from…...