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Social change has been an issue in America for a number of years and is sometimes overlooked, but what about our future social change. Poverty is a complex issue that affects us all across ethnic economic and geographic boundaries. It exerts pressure on social services health care, law enforcement, schools and our overall quality of life. In a world increasingly suffused by technology, how are both the world and technology changing? Our work, communications, social patterns, shopping, education, and health are being changed and mostly improved as technology permeates these realms.

The crash of 2008 continues to reverberate loudly nationwide, destroying jobs, bankrupting businesses, and displacing homeowners. It has damaged some places much more severely than others, on the other side of the crisis America’s economic landscape will look different than it does today. Social networks like Myspace and Facebook didn’t even exist 5 years ago, now they define social experience for an entire generation. So what kind of changes can we expect for the upcoming years? Will things be better or worse?

As I tried to focus and narrow it down to a specific social problem I found that extremely difficult to do, being that there are many different social issues that we deal with and not just African Americans but in general as a whole American people. With technology being as advanced and sometimes complex as it is I don’t see it being a high demand for human labor. Considering the fact that most things in the world are currently being operated by computers or machinery of some sort there will probably be a great demand for jobs in the US as already is.

There are tons of jobs that were lost due to outsourcing in America and tons of American families placed in a financial strain. Although Barak Obama has placed stimulus funds into affect to the American people both general…...