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Social Consequences Of Gun Control Laws

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Imagine you are walking down the street. Do you ever think to yourself the person right next to your or behind you or anywhere could have a gun on them? Well Because in 1791 the Second Amendment was created and added to the Constitution. It says that humans are allowed to carry a weapon (Smith, 1). In the 90´s there was an assault rifle ban which gave manufactures a virtual blueprint of how to change their weapons slightly to make them “legal¨ (Hamilton,2). In 1994 the Brady Law went into effect. The law was named after James Brady, the secretary of president Reagan who was badly injured in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (Smith, 1). The law made it so that you need to get a background check inorder to buy a gun, just to be a little more safe (Smith, 1). Today there are about 280 million firearms in the private hands of the U.S, and ⅓ of american households claim to own a gun (Smith, 1). Today gun control has many social, economic, and political impacts.

Within the gun control laws there are many social
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First, In 2008 a case called District of Columbia v. Heller made a handgun ban in Washington D.C, but made it legal to have a handgun at home for protection (Smith, 1). This shows political impacts because the Supreme Court judges think it is not ok to have a gun on you in Washington D.C. But they think it is ok to have one at your house to protect you only at home. Furthermore, in 2009 Arizona had a law go into effect which made it legal for people that have a concealed weapon permit to have their weapon in open to the public bars or restaurants (Smith, 2). Clearly, this shows Arizona's lawmakers thinks people need protection everywhere. They think it is ok to have a gun on you not only on the streets but also public places, but think about it when you have a lethal weapon such as a gun and alcohol don't you think things can get a little

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