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Social Ecological Model

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1. Teen pregnancy rates have lowered in the United States as more teenagers who are sexually active are using contraceptives and condoms. Certain races continue to have higher rates of teen pregnancies than others. It is imperative to understand what social determinants place certain adolescents most at risk of becoming pregnant. The social ecological model multiple level approach is a great health model used to explain how outside factors, beyond the individual, put adolescents more at risk. At the intrapersonal level, common pregnancy myths such as “you will not get pregnant the first time you have sex” continue to believe by teenagers. Limited knowledge on reproductive health position the individual at higher risk. At the interpersonal level …show more content…
In order to reduce childhood obesity in children between the ages of 5-12 attending school in Corona Unified School District, a prevention program to increase physical activity will be implemented. Surveys at Back to School night and end of the school year will be distributed to parents to gather data on how much physical activity their children normally engage in. 1 in 5 children do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. By 2020, the goal is to increase physical activity to 3 in 5 children. Obesity rates continue to be a health disparity to many children in the United States. Efforts to change behavior are more successful if all factors are addressed. The social ecology model demonstrates the intervention methods needed at each level in order to provide help to children who are obese. At the intrapersonal level children may be genetically predispose to obesity. By implementing “Let’s Move” program at schools children will engage in 30 minutes of physical activity that may consists of Zumba, meditation, and other fun activities. Meditation is important because at the individual level overweight children may have high levels of stress. At the interpersonal level schools will hold a bike/walk to school day on Fridays where children can walk/bike to school with their parents. Not only will it help parents bond with their children but also make walking/biking to school enjoyable. At the organizational level schools will create their own “Let’s Move” club where children can motivate other children to stay active and provide incentives at the end of each semester in order to encourage students to stay active. At the community level schools working together with parents in order to provide an environment where children do not focus on the ideal body-size image but focus more on being healthy. This will be done through local educational campaigns. At the society level working with school administration and districts to create contracts where the program can

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