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Social Exposure

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Social Media
Ray Gomez
February 2, 2016
Lana Sumpter

Social Media
Social Media is considered a form of reaching out to many individuals at one time. In today’s technology social media is one of the many ways, and often the premier way many Americans and individuals around the world gather there information. While social media allows those to be easily stalked and often times bullied, it connects people by displaying an individual relationship with friends, and allows social interaction with networks abroad.
Easily Obtainable Information
Americans around the world are considered the “Now” culture; we want everything immediately and as quickly as possible. This new generation of entrepreneurs created a society based on easily accessible information. Everything and anything can be viewed and displayed by everyone who has access to a computer or a portable electronic devise. If you want a review on a restaurant then one of the many sites offer this service, such as Trip advisor. If someone wants to find out what’s on sale they can take advantage of the internet and simply do a search Google.
There many advantages of having access to information; via social media or even the World Wide Web. Individuals have access to an unlimited amount of information and can virtually find anything out about anyone at any given time. This can be useful when it comes to a Job interview as an employer, or finding out the latest news cycle, such as gathering information on a Presidential candidate. Many people use the information via Social or specific websites to find out how to do home improvement projects that once could only be done by professionals 15 years ago. Berger (2014) stated,“ It is convenient for people to be in one place and catch the hottest news, listen to the fresh top songs on the billboard charts, watch and share the music videos to those songs, while...

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