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Social Factors in Healthcare Situation

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The group has had numerous conversations about the health care situation in our nation and your role in this process. Recommendations from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America noted that some Americans face much poorer prospects for good health and long life than other countries. Although medical care is essential for relieving suffering and curing illness, only an estimated 10 to 15 percent of preventable mortality has been attributed to medical care. The Foundation proved that a person becoming ill and dying prematurely was a result of social factors that included education, income and where they live. Thoughts? I do believe that the consideration of social factors is instrumental in the health care situation in our country.
Many variables in social factors can contribute to a person not wanting to, or being unable to participate in health education and health promotion. This can impact their own and their families health and longevity. Financial issues may preclude the ability to purchase insurance, or in the situations in which the patient has social service assistance, there may be no vehicle, or money for gas. Lack of family resources or poor family dynamics can cause emotional difficulties that also hinder the patient’s ability to learn. The literacy level of the learner and the possibility that we don’t accurately identify the patients primary learning style can definitely cause a less than optimal education. A persons religion and cultural background can definitely influence their willingness to accept our attempts at improving their knowledge base and consequently improving their...

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