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Social Factors at Staples

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Before Staples can develop a new set of customer oriented marketing strategies, the company must understand what factors influence consumer buying behavior and how they make purchase decisions to satisfy their needs and wants. One great way to find market opportunities for Staples products or services is to study the social factors affecting the office supply retailing industry. New social trends transform how goods are built and sold. Business opportunities grow out of the changes in the social order. In general, consumers are moved by a complex set of deep and subtle emotions. (Management Study Guide, 2008)
Their behavior result from deeply held values and attitudes; their perception of the world and their place in it, from common sense, impulse or just plain daily decision. There are also several stages through which the consumer exhibit before deciding to purchase goods or services. Three of these most important factors to consider during this marketing strategy development are, 1.Social Factors 2.Psychological Factors and 3.Personal Factors. We will focus our attention to the social factors and the effects it has on consumers buying behaviors.
Social Factors
Staples inc has the following statement that is used to describe its social engagement and the business strategy behind its operations. It says, “We take satisfaction in our contributions to local economies: selling products and services that business owners, households, educators, students and others use to thrive and succeed; employing local workers in dependable jobs; and purchasing products and services from local businesses. But we believe our role in these communities requires more of us than business as usual." (Staples, 2012)
Authors Kotler and Keller in the textbook marketing management shared with us how the overall consumer buying behaviors can be drastically influenced by social factors...

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