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This chapter will focus on the problem statement, research questions, objectives of the study, the research design and chapter summary.


Higher education institutions have no worth without students. Wenger (1999) stated that academic differences are the social changes that students encounter at higher education institutions. The author further mentioned that students live on their own for the first time, away from friends, family or other familiar support networks, it is during this time that as students a result, when students begin tertiary study, they they enter not just one but oftenon several new, and potentially contrasting communities within the higher education institutions. Students are the most essential assets for any educational institute (Mushtag & Khan, 2012). They enrol at a higher education institution with the objective of obtaining registered qualifications and successfully complete this qualification.

Academic success is the objective at which all hHigher education institutions need to address should address (Samaniego-sanchez, Gonzales, Aparicio, Nebot, Aranda, Lopez-jurado and Llopis, 2011). Every Higher education institution envisage to should deliver good educationquality education for every student who enrols with the institution in order to in both under-graduates and post-graduates qualification to meet academic success.

Bourne (2005) stated that mentioned that Hhigher education institutions offer educational systems with a variety of qualifications that students believe have provided students them with the training, skills and competencies e for a particular occupations. Students are expected to master their respective fields of…...

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