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Social Influences

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Social Influence


3 types of conformity - Kelman

Compliance – privately disagreeing, but publicly going along with the group behaviour or attitudes.

Identification – a temporary change in beliefs and behaviour while you remain a member of the group. Includes private and public change of belief.

Internalisation – a permanent change in beliefs and behaviour.

Conformity is more likely in ambiguous situations (where there is no obvious answer)

Implicit norm – normal patterns of behaviour generally understood by all egg personal space, lining up for food/ toilets.

Explicit norms – normal patterns of behaviour that are enforced by written guidelines or signs etc some become law.
(No smoking signs, speed signs)

Sherif – auto kenetic light effect

2 reasons why we conform.

Duel Process model both process at the same time

Asch 1951

Conformity in an unambiguous situation.

Ao1 Describe Asch’s aims, findings, conclusions

Ao2/3 Evaluate Asch’s experiment. Consider strengths/limitations of using a lab experiment. Consider S/L of Asch’s research in terms of culture, time-historical consider ethical issues.
To investigate if people gave in to conformity even when the answer is obvious, which is called unambiguous. To investigate normative social influence.

Findings His findings showed that 32% of critical trials where a participant confirmed. 75% of the participants confirmed at least once 25% of 50 participants never confirmed.

Conclusions. In conclusion Asch found that a lot of people knew the answer but conformed to a different answer so that they could fit into the crowd, although there were some results where people where independent and stuck to their initial answers.


900 test repeated, reliable...

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