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Social Influencing Online Retailing

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Social Influence and Online Retailing
Andrea Harrison with Neal Gorevic and Robert McCutcheon, July 2009

The rise of the social web has created a new way of looking at online retailing, specifically how social influence can be harnessed to move consumers from consideration to sale. We‟ve noticed a few examples that lead us to believe that incorporating social into a shopping experience may just be what retailers need to counter-effect the decrease in discretionary spending brought on by the bad news economy. 1) Using core influencer content to editorialize your product offering Target recently announced the launch of Red Hot Shop, a new eCommerce venture combining traditional online retailing with the editorial styling of Daily Candy (a daily email and website dedicated to trends and deals for the savvy shopper). This bundling of retail and editorial is not new to publishing, magazines have long used editorial to sell the products contained in its ad pages. What is new, however, is a mainstream volume retailer like Target taking on an editorial voice to connect with their consumer. The Daily Candy voice is a highly influential one, and often takes the persona of your most in-theknow, trend-watching, fashionable and sample-sale savvy friend. In other words, someone we all need in our life to make sure we make good decisions. 2) Embracing the customer‟s voice Zappos has been an early proponent of the power of social influence, and the company makes user reviews and feedback a big part of its product pages. Selling shoes online can be a tough business. How do I know they‟re going to fit? Do they really look like the pictures? Are they well made? Zappos understands that consumers need to be reassured, and its solution is not through the same pictures and product descriptions you get on other sites. The Zappos approach is to provide real reviews from people who have…...

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