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Social Media Analytics
Social media has become extremely popular. Every day millions of users use social media to share their opinions, thoughts, emotions, and information. Businesses are keen on monitoring people’s perceptions - positive and negative sentiments - of their brands through social media.
Ever since the advent of machine-readable text, IT users have been demanding a way to get knowledge and insight out of text documents without humans reading the documents.
Getting feedback from various stakeholders will amount to bothering them with surveys on every aspect that a company is interested in. The problems with this approach is that for each product or feature, a survey will have to be conducted; the format, distribution and timing of the survey will have to be designed and will have to rely on the goodwill of people to take the survey. This method can be made obsolete by gathering such information automatically from the Web, where the large amount of available data creates the opportunity to do so.
While smaller businesses might be able to track these conversations manually with tools like Google Alerts, many find themselves inundated with more tweets, updates and reviews across multiple social channels than they can keep up with. For online marketers facing large volumes of opinions, but looking to sift through the data and learn from client feedback, sentiment analysis solutions serves as an excellent solution.
L&T Infotech’s social analytics too can not only do sentiment analysis but much more. It can give geographic & demographic analysis, Idea mining, buzz analytics, spam analysis, twit monitoring, voice of customer and many more.…...

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