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Social Media in Emergency Management

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Social Media in Emergency Management
Matthew W. MacClellan
Webster University
SECR 5060 – Mr. Griffaw
July 8, 2012

Contents Introduction 3 Technology 3 Four Phases of Emergency Management 4 How to Develop and Maintain a Social Media Site 4 Mitigation 6 Preparedness 8 Response 9 Recovery 12 Works Cited 15

Communications has evolved greatly since the days of using a rotary telephone connected to copper wires in order to communicate. Today nearly 50% of the population in the United States use smartphones daily. According to Frank N. Magid Associates that is a leading research-based consulting firm, Smartphone owners have increased from 31% in 2011 to 44% in 2012 with a projected increase to 57% this year (Godfrey, 2013). Take a look around next time you are out in public and pay special attention to how many people are using their smartphones and tablet computers, you will see the use of them everywhere you go. Users can make phone calls on their smartphones, but tend to use data services such as Short Message Service (SMS) commonly referred to as text messaging, internet services, Global Positioning Service (GPS), and the camera on the Smartphone.
There are many other devices today from computers to tablet computers, but in order to frame how instantaneous communications can occur today it is important to understand the power the Smartphone yields when it comes to instantly sharing information, locations, and photographs. Access to great amounts of instant information is readily available with smartphones, tablets and portable computers. The instant access to information and the way we communicate allows information to flow more quickly and is leveraged by emergency management officials. The use of social media has greatly enhanced emergency management by increasing information flow and speed, lowering...

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