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Social Media Policies: Are They Legal?

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Week 2 Assignment
Social Media Policies: Are They Legal?

1. The articles that I found online were named “10 people who learned social media can get you fired” and “Employee fired from Taco Bell for licking shells”. Both articles were related, in the matter that they discussed the termination of employees all over for representing the company in which they worked for improperly and in fact left some disturbing rumors as a result of their conduct at the workplace.

The articles discussed that a young man from California was terminated at Taco Bell as crew worker for posting a picture of him on his social media Facebook page of him licking a stack of taco shells. There were several individuals who were outraged by his conduct and the picture itself was shared through Facebook over 2,000 times. His argument was that the shells that he licked were used for testing when the Doritos Locos Tacos were initially introduced on the market and they were going to be thrown out and not consumed by customers.

In addition to his own actions, across America there were several other incidents in which triggered consumers all over. One incident occurred at a Kentucky Fried Chicken location where a young lady was exterminated from her job for uploading a picture of her licking a pile of mashed potatoes from the fast food restaurant. Another incident occurred at a Burger King location where a co-worker had taken a picture of his feet inside of two lettuce containers, uploaded the photo and added the caption “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King”. All incidents were in fact very upsetting and troubling. Rob Poetsch of Taco Bell of Ridgecrest, CA responded to the incident by stating “When we learned of the situation we immediately connected this restaurant’s leadership and although we believe it is a prank and the food was not served to the...

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