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Social Media Survey

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2013/14 Survey

Social Media in the Workplace
Around the World 3.0

Proskauer Rose LLP | Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome | Attorney Advertising

About Our Survey
We are proud to present Proskauer’s third annual global survey about social media use in the workplace.
As in previous years, in addition to our survey results, in collaboration with select law firms across the world, we have included a brief summary of the law from around the world, including significant recent developments.
Please note that the information provided in this survey is not intended to be, and shall not be construed to be, the provision of legal advice or an offer to provide legal services, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions of the firm, our lawyers or our clients. No client-lawyer relationship between you and the firm is or may be created by your access to or use of this survey or any information contained in it. Proskauer Rose LLP
(Proskauer) is not obligated to provide updates on the information presented herein.
© Proskauer Rose LLP. All Rights Reserved.

Social Media in the Workplace
Around the World 3.0
When we published our first survey in 2011, there was a sense of novelty and even mystery about social media usage in the workplace. There was a strong perception that social media and business did not mix. The art of harnessing social media for business lacked the sophistication and prominence that it now has. Today, business use of social media is mainstream.
This shift from novel to normal in business is backed up by our survey results – 90% of businesses now use social media for business purposes.
The near ubiquitous use of social media for business has led to a maturing appreciation of workplace risks arising out of its misuse – the more that people use social media for business purposes, the greater the chances that the fine line between personal use and...

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