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Job Description
The role of the Event Manager is to plan and execute events that fulfill Premier’s objectives. The role is incorporating a wide variety of tasks and event types. Working to deadlines, planning and project management will be a common feature of work to ensure events run well. There is a strong people-focused element including all the event contributors, venues, suppliers, and partners. Some of the main duties for event manager are responsible in event concept, budgeting, monitoring against plan, ticket sales, and organization of all materials needed. A part from that an event manager should also ensuring all events are properly staffed. On the day of event, an event manager should lead the team to work as planned before. Event manager also should have a mind of problem-solving, creative and determent to play their part in making an event a very successful one.

This is the second event for us and it is different for this event whereby we had to do a dinner instead of luncheon. So, this event is somewhat new for us yet we were excited to make it happen. For this event, I am honored to take the responsibility of event manager for and together with executive chef, Farah Jasni and service manager, Wei Ching, we have done as best as we can for the dinner. Since our last Korean cuisine was successful, I wanted to make this dinner even more victorious and wanted customer feel our huge night. So, I discussed with the team to change our night form Mexican cuisine to Caribbean cuisine. Some of us came with brilliant idea where we can do a theme night and since pirates are becoming so familiar with Caribbean, we all agreed to make the night a theme dinner event named ‘The Pirates of Caribbean’. We were the pirates who served the honored customer. The kitchen team searched food related to Caribbean cuisine while the service team worked for the…...