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Social Network Benefits Validated

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The article by Karen Goldberg examines how social network is a benefit for many teens. Some of the benefits that Goldberg is talking about are the fact that communication that social networking provides it somewhat encouraging useful skills. Goldberg talks about how the digital world is creating new opportunities especially for young people. Mizuko Ito says that kids spending time online can cause them to get lazy. However, Lisa Tripp says that technology creates avenues for extending young people a circle of friends, boost self-direct learning and foster independence. A common thing about social networking is how young people are able to expand their social circle; they do that just by communicating. On the other hand, young people also get the chance to express themselves through social media, which they can’t do in a classroom so freely. Social networking provides the power of multitasking, that way young people can communicate with a large number of people at the same time.
The article also talks about parents’ role. Social networking is necessary and it’s an important part of the culture for young people, and this is why parents must accept this but be aware of with whom their kids are communicating with. It’s the parents’ job to monitor what their kids are expressing. It’s recommended that parents have a “presence” in their children’s social network. Certainly, this means having a password and knowing who you child’s friends are and what they express.
There are always rules to everything, and social networking is just one of them. Children should not directly update their whereabouts in a status; neither should they be aware of who is tagging who in a photo. Young people have a tendency to act irresponsible and irrationally on the social network, therefore they need parents to advise them and guide them to know the...

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