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Social Networking: a Way to Communicate or an Obsession

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Chapter 1


This chapter includes five parts namely; (1) Background of the Study, (2) Statement of the Problem, (3) Significance of the Study, (4) Definition of Terms, and (5) Scope and Delimitation of the Study.

Part One, Background of the Study, justifies the needs for the investigation, and discusses the importance of selecting the problem.

Part Two, Statement of the Problem, state clear and sharply defined statement relating to the actual problems of the study.

Part Three, Significance of the Study, specifies the benefits that maybe derived from the findings. Part Four, Definition of Terms, presents the definition of important terms, conceptually and operationally used in the study.

Part Five, Scope and Delimitation of the Study, sets the limits and scope of the study.

Background of the Study Libraries had been the main source of all sorts of information since the day when books were made. It can be accessed by everyone who uses books, magazines and other archives for research and recreation purposes. Today, libraries are seldom frequented by students due to the emergence of the so called internet. The internet caters to the various needs of students from books, research papers and articles that would provide them information to online games, social networking sites and chatrooms where they can find friends and interact with other online users. There is more than 150 billion websites on the internet that can be visited for free., and are example of search engines and examples of social networking sites are, and The purpose of this study is to determine what sites are most visited by the students of West Visayas State University.

Statement of the Problem

This descriptive-survey study aims to find out the most visited sites of West Visayas State University students. More specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What site is the first most visited site of WVSU students? 2. What do these sites offer?

Significance of the Study

The findings of this study may be useful to the students, and teachers.

Students- The result of the study will be of great help to the students in developing awareness on the current issues happening in the country especially concerning with the performance of the head of state.

Teachers- The result of the study will be a great help to the teachers in finding out the current issues that bothers the students as well as the whole community.

Government Officials. The result of the study will be a great help to all government officials to aid them in performing their duties. It will help them to find out how their constituents perceived their performance in managing their area of responsibility.

Definition of Terms

In order to provide clearer understanding of this work, the following terms are defined, as they are used in this study:

Noynoying- is a protest gimmick in the form of neologism which critics of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III have used to question his work ethic, alleging inaction on Aquino's part on the issues of disaster response and of rising oil prices. ( 26, 2012).

President- a term referring to the current president of the Republic of the Philippines President Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino III.

Performance- refers to the process of carrying out the function, deed or work. (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 1997).

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This descriptive study will show how students of WVSU are aware of the current issues concerning the performance of the President. It usually used the survey method with in depth analysis.

The participants involved in this study are 5 students of WVSU coming from different colleges. The participants are selected by purposive sampling.

This study will cover only the undergraduate students of West Visayas State University who are bonafide and are only enrolled in the second semester of A.Y. 2011-2012.

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature

In the past days the fuel have been rising to the point that it lead to left and right protest from local groups that are very much concerned with the increase in the price of petroleum products. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in their March 8, 2012 issue the net increase in the prices of gasoline and diesel since the year started stood at Php. 5.25 a liter and Php. 3.00 a liter, respectively. As of March 6, diesel prices ranged from Php. 45.50 a liter to Php. 48.50 a liter, while gasoline prices hovered between Php. 53.75 a liter and Php. 60.42 a liter. With the oil price hike the local sectors tried to inform the President that he has to do something with the surge of the prices of petroleum products. The people were really dismayed when the President did nothing about the petroleum products. They have made a protest that is called “Noynoying”. “Noynoying” coined by militants to refer to President Aquino’s alleged inaction on the country’s pressing social issues which describes the word as an Internet meme or concept that defines an effortless pose or activity consisting of sitting or standing around, in an unconcerned manner. It is also recognized as doing nothing when in fact you have something to do. The word is derived

from President Aquino’s nickname, Noynoy, and the suffix -ing, to describe the act of being Noynoy. It is a parody of his work ethic as President of the Philippines,”( in The Philippine Star, March 22, 2012).

Chapter 3

Research Design and Methodology

This chapter presents the research design and methodology used in the study. It contains five parts namely; (1)Methods of Research Used, (2)Participants of the Study (3)Data Gathering Procedure, (4)Data Gathering Instruments, (5)Data Gathered. Part One, Methods of Research Used, tells the methods employed in the study. Part Two, Participants of the Study, describes the participants involved in the study. Part Three, Data Gathering Procedure, tells the procedure utilized in the study. Part Four, Data Gathering Instruments, describes the data-gathering tools employed.

Part Five, Data Gathered, describes the information that ws obtain from the questionnaires; it also involves the respondents’ personal information.

Methods of Research Used

The method that will be employed in this study is the descriptive-survey method with in-depth analysis of the results.

Participants of the Study

There are five participants that were purposively selected undergraduate students of WVSU who are enrolled in the second semester of the A.Y. 2011-2012.

Data Gathering Procedures

The researcher sends the letters to the respective officials and faculties of West Visayas State University to conduct the study. The questionnaires that were made by the researcher will be given to the respected respondents to be answered by them in their most comfortable time. The data that were obtained from the respondents were deeply analyzed to correctly interpret the result of the study.

Data Gathering Instruments

A researcher made questionnaire will be given to the participants. The questionnaire was composed of three open-ended questions that would be filled by the respondents with complete freedom. The questionnaire was accompanied with personal information sheet for the respondents to accomplish.

Data Gathered

The following are the summarized data, gathered from respondents of the study.

Respondent 1

Jonathan S. Peñol, 17 Years Old

• Taking up Bachelor of Business Administration, College of Business and Management. • He is well informed of the current issue about the President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. • He is familiar with the term “Noynoying”. • When he was asked if he has knowledge of “Noynoying”? According to him the word “Noynoying” is the termed coined by the militants to refer to the lazy act of the President in solving economic problems. He pointed out one reason and that is on Oil Price Hike. • When asked if he agrees with the term to describe the performance of the President? He is against the protesters who gave the term to refer to the performance of the president because according to him the President had done a lot of this for the country. In his term the corruption has lessen. He added that the protesters don’t have the right to judge the President for the single wrong act he had committed; after all, the President will be the one who can solve the problem. • When asked if how he will describe the performance of the President? According to Jonathan, the President have done well in serving the country, he clean the mess that the previous administration made.

Respondent 2

Dexter Robert Praire, 20 Years Old

• Taking up Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, College of Arts and Sciences. • He is well informed with the current issue concerning the President. • When asked about the term “Noynoying”? According to him the term is form of bullying referring to the act that the President exhibiting concerning the current economic problems. He pointed one reason and that is the surging Oil Price Hike. • When asked if he agree to the term for its appropriateness in labeling the President’s performance? According to him, he is in against with the term in referring to the President. It is a form of belittling one’s own dignity. He added that the militant don’t have the right to say that to the President because they don’t how hard the work and to be a President. He said that we should believe in our President we should give him the trust because in the first place the people placed him in that position. • When asked about the description of the presidents performance? He said that so far so good compared to the previous administration.

Respondent 3

Kean Jean Adorna, 19 Years Old

• Taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physics, College of Education. • When asked about the term “Noynoying”? She said that the term refers to the incompetent performance of the President. It refers also to some act of Filipino people conveying leadership values of Noynoy Aquino. • When asked if the term corresponds with the performance of the President? She agrees to the appropriateness of the term in referring to the President’s performance. She based here judgment on the protesters of the President because according to her if the President was competent enough he there would be no protesters. • When she was asked about the Presidents performance for the past 21 months. According to her the President have not done enough to prove he is worthy for the vote that had been has on him. National scandals and economic problems still exist. She rated the performance of the President as unsatisfactory.

Respondent 4

Cleofe Chico, 19 Years Old

• Taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physics, College of Education. • Her own understanding of the term “Noynoying” is that it was obtain from the nickname of the President, “Noynoy”. • When asked if she agree that the term is an appropriate label for the President’s performance? The answer that she gave is irrelevant. • When asked to describe the President’s performance for the past 21 months. According to her it was satisfactory, he did his duties and responsibilities but his administration has also flaws.

Respondent 5

Rose Ann Diaz

• Taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physics, College of Education. • Her own understanding of the term is that it describes the poor performance of the President.

• When asked if the term is a good name tag to describe the President’s performance? • She agrees to it and because of the reason that the country didn’t improve under his regime, he reiterated that the President is not moving towards improvement of the economy. • When asked of how she will describe the performance of the President for the past 21 months? According to her it was good in somehow because he had done something that can benefit the people. She didn’t emphasize what benefit she means.

Chapter 4

Findings, Conclusion, Insights

This chapter presents the research findings, conclusion and insights gained from the study. It contains three parts namely; (1)Summary of the Results/Findings (2)Conclusions that were derived from the Study (3)Insights gained from the study.

Part One, Summary of the Results/Findings, tells over-all data that were gathered and were deeply analyzed.

Part Two, Conclusions, describes the generalizations drawn from the findings. Part Three, Insights tells the ideas grasp by the researcher based on the results of the study.

Summary of Results/Findings

We have selected five respondents who are bonafide undergraduate students of West Visayas State University. Based on the results most of the students are well informed of the current issue on “Noynoying” a term describing the performance of President Benigno Simeon III.

60% of the respondents agreed that the term “Noynoying” is appropriate to describe the performance of the President. Their decision was based on the President’s act of ignoring major issues concerning economic development, one of while is the Oil Price Hike. While the remaining 40% didn’t agree to its appropriateness because according to them the President still did his part of serving the country to the best of his ability.


Based on the results of the findings the following conclusions were advanced: 1. Majority of the students of WVSU are aware of the current issues concerning the performance of the President. 2. Majority of the students of WVSU agreed that the term “Noynoying” is an appropriate label to the performance of the President. 3. Majority of the students of WVSU are satisfied to the performance of the President as a whole but the President should focus more on economic development rather than political issues.


Based on the conclusions interpreted, the following insights were rendered:

1. Majority of the students of West Visayas State University are aware of the current issues concerning the performance of the President.

2. We have realized that the students are not conforming on the performance of the President towards the improvement of the economy. 3. We have realized that the students are more focus on the improvisation of the economy rather than on political issues.


Villanueva, R. “Noynoying enter Wikipedia”. The Philippine Star, March 22, 2012

Gamil, J.T. “Planking is out, Noynoying is in”. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 16. 2012 March 24, 2012


Survey Sheet Form

Name: Course:
Age: Year & Section:

1. What is your own understanding of the term “Noynoying”?

2. Do you agree that the term “Noynoying” is appropriate to describe the performance of the President? Why?

3. How will you describe the performance of the President Benigno Simeon Aquino III for the past 21 months of service?

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