Social Networking Sites Have Both Positive and Negative Effects

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Social networking sites have both positive and negative effects.
According to, Social networking is “the practice of expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals.’’ For many around the globe, the use of social networks has become part and parcel of life. Students or youths in particular have made browsing social networking sites a daily habit. The use of social networks has enabled networking around the world very simple and has made individuals do away with engaging themselves in sporting activities as many prefer to chat online. This essay outlines some of the positive impacts and drawbacks of social networking.
Firstly social networking sites encourage individuals not to limit their social life by seeking friends around the world through networking. People who have never met are able to share experiences and common interests. In addition, lifetime friendships can be built through social networking. According to a Science Daily article (, p.1) students state that social networking helps them to further improve and maintain friendships, make new friends, stay in touch with family et cetra. This shows that overall social networking sites can be very influential when it comes to friendship.
Secondly, every student is unique in their own way; some are able to express themselves openly while others are shy in nature. Social networking facilitates open communication, leading to enhanced information discovery and delivery. In addition, it does not require one to voice out their opinions and ideas. Individuals are able to choose the preferred option and that is to communicate through social networks. As a result “Social media is an effective way to increase student engagement and build better communication skills.” (Lederer 2012, p.1)
Furthermore, we live in a high…...